Top Nine 2018

This has been a mixed photo year. I started to photograph ir and it is really fun! During the year I managed get fatigue syndrom /stress reaction and the photography was put aside for a while, I didn’t even have the energy for a photo a day which I stillFortsätt läsa

I have thought about it for a long time, to start a blog about my IR-photography. I think it is easy to start a blog, the difficult is to keep it running so it feels alive. I have come to a piont where it feels like it is the rightFortsätt läsa

Raspberry Pi Camera Case

I printed a case today, I borrowed my son’s 3D-printer. I think the case is very neat. I haven’t drawn it myself, I googled “print 3d case raspberry camera”, there are many pages on the web where people upload their drawings for others to download and print. For example all3dp.comFortsätt läsa