Fine Arts

There are many kinds of art. For example painting, dance, theater, writing or photography. These can be divided into categories that overlap each other so that it becomes a matrix or maybe even web. There are artists who print their photos on paper or canvas and then improve or change the image by painting parts of the image. Art can also be divided into fine art, decorative art or applied art.

I have tried to understand the difference between applied art and decorative art, but I don’t really get it, I think it’s actually the same thing. Applied art means, as I understand it, that everyday objects are adorned so that they are beautiful to look at. It can be porcelain, furniture, cars, fashion and other things that we use for everyday life. While decorative art more focuses on the decoration and need not necessarily be useful. It can be a teapot with a beautiful shape but which is completely impossible to pour from.

Fine art is more up to the artist to express, pictures can be realistic, but preferably have a twist based on the artist’s imagination when it comes to color and shape.

The concepts are based on relatively modern western approaches and cannot always be applied to other parts of the world or even European medieval times because decorations and jewelry have been used in different ways.

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