Challenge week 3

This week’s challenge is to get the camera back on.

Since the end of last year, I have not been able to take photos with my Raspberry Pi. It has not been possible to connect via wifi. It seems that there has been a bigger error because when I put the SD-card in to the Raspberry that is with the touch screen, it couldn’t even log in.

I had to do a couple of tries to get it right.

The first time I can not say what went wrong, probably something I did again in later attempts. The second time I chose the wrong script for wifi connectivity which my husband discovered when he was helping me trouble shooting. The third time I had written about, I used the wifi that we have in the house instead of the hotspot in the Raspberry so I did not manage to connect to the camera. Sometime in the middle of everything I had managed to get an empty line first, before #! Bin in a script – I really was about to give up by then!!!

Well, now it works again and I’m glad I can start take IR-photos again! 😀

Link list:
1. Raspberry Pi – Auto WiFi Hotspot Switch – Direct Connection Wifi connection and hotspot
Getting started with picamera Getting Started
3. RPi-Cam Web Interface Installing Web Server and Interface

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