Challenge Week 1

I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph anything this week. Mostly because I have been tired because of my exhaustion now that the whole family is home all day. It is so cozy to have everyone around and the eldest son at home over Christmas and New Year but all energy is spent on socializing.

My husband and I have agreed to disassemble our old Konica Minolta. We bought it before the youngest son was born because it was cheap enough for us to afford so we could film his birth. It has no sound sound, it was spring winter 2005 just before the cameras went down in price and it became affordable to buy a system camera with movie function and sound.

I’ve watched several movies showing how to do it to change the camera to full-spectrum camera. It was quite easy to unscrew the camera and find the IR-filter. The camera had not had any battery for many years so the risk of the capacitor charging the flash and cause a surge was minimal. Just screw and pry a little carefully.

When I screwed everything together again, the focus was completely out of sync. I zoomed out to infinity and got fine close-ups! It got a little better when I inserted a distance instead of the glass I removed but still focus on just a few decimeters.

This week’s challenge became a real failure but it may be better next attempt. However, there is a risk that something good will break even if I do not believe it. It may also be that it was broken before, neither Jonas nor I remember why we replaced this camera with a new one.

The day I manage to get to my conversion, I’ll post it here on the page.

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