Fine Art photography is photos based on the artist’s vision as a photographer and uses photography as a medium to bring to life something that is only found in the artist’s imagination. Just capturing what you see in reality in an artistic way is the art of photography and doesFortsätt läsa

There are many kinds of art. For example painting, dance, theater, writing or photography. These can be divided into categories that overlap each other so that it becomes a matrix or maybe even web. There are artists who print their photos on paper or canvas and then improve or changeFortsätt läsa

Canon EOS 1200D i originalutförande

I am waiting for my new camera. It is a camera that is converted to fullspectrum photography. It feels a bit risky since there are several moments that can go wrong during the conversion. Dust, flares and changed focus for example. The seller has a lot of good reviews soFortsätt läsa