Canon EOS 1200D i originalutförande

I am waiting for my new camera. It is a camera that is converted to fullspectrum photography. It feels a bit risky since there are several moments that can go wrong during the conversion. Dust, flares and changed focus for example. The seller has a lot of good reviews soFortsätt läsa

This week, I have chosen to look for the first full-spectrum image I posted on Instagram and try to make a nicer editing in GIMP. It’s a difficult picture, not very good really. Unsymmetrical, the castle almost invisible behind the trees. The thing that appeals to the picture is stillFortsätt läsa

I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph anything this week. Mostly because I have been tired because of my exhaustion now that the whole family is home all day. It is so cozy to have everyone around and the eldest son at home over Christmas and New Year but allFortsätt läsa

Happy New Year! I have to admit: I love to give New Year’s resolutions but I know I’m rally bad at keeping them longer than a week. I also have a hard time deciding on a single one that I can stick to and have a chance to keep. ChoosingFortsätt läsa


Autumn did turn out as I hoped with a lot of photo and image editing. I got a real exhaustion / stress reaction instead. I have created some photos and images, including some Christmas pictures. No one I am really happy with but I still want to post a littleFortsätt läsa

Top Nine 2018

This has been a mixed photo year. I started to photograph ir and it is really fun! During the year I managed get fatigue syndrom /stress reaction and the photography was put aside for a while, I didn’t even have the energy for a photo a day which I stillFortsätt läsa

I have thought about it for a long time, to start a blog about my IR-photography. I think it is easy to start a blog, the difficult is to keep it running so it feels alive. I have come to a piont where it feels like it is the rightFortsätt läsa