However fun it is to walk with the camera and edit the photos it is fun to take on new challenges. So today I sent some photos to a printing service, they should arrive in about a week. I have sent a couple of photos to Printful och Bestcanvas and>>

Fine Art photography is photos based on the artist’s vision as a photographer and uses photography as a medium to bring to life something that is only found in the artist’s imagination. Just capturing what you see in reality in an artistic way is the art of photography and does>>

There are many kinds of art. For example painting, dance, theater, writing or photography. These can be divided into categories that overlap each other so that it becomes a matrix or maybe even web. There are artists who print their photos on paper or canvas and then improve or change>>

Canon EOS 1200D i originalutförande

I am waiting for my new camera. It is a camera that is converted to fullspectrum photography. It feels a bit risky since there are several moments that can go wrong during the conversion. Dust, flares and changed focus for example. The seller has a lot of good reviews so>>

This week’s challenge is to get the camera back on. Since the end of last year, I have not been able to take photos with my Raspberry Pi. It has not been possible to connect via wifi. It seems that there has been a bigger error because when I put>>

This is one of my favourite photos of Arboga. You don’t see much of the town here but that is also why I fancy Arboga, to just go in to town and walk or sit and watch the river.

This week, I have chosen to look for the first full-spectrum image I posted on Instagram and try to make a nicer editing in GIMP. It’s a difficult picture, not very good really. Unsymmetrical, the castle almost invisible behind the trees. The thing that appeals to the picture is still>>

I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph anything this week. Mostly because I have been tired because of my exhaustion now that the whole family is home all day. It is so cozy to have everyone around and the eldest son at home over Christmas and New Year but all>>

Happy New Year! I have to admit: I love to give New Year’s resolutions but I know I’m rally bad at keeping them longer than a week. I also have a hard time deciding on a single one that I can stick to and have a chance to keep. Choosing>>